Shopkit Themes

Welcome to the Shopkit theme documentation. If you want to build a theme from scratch or just want to customize your current one, we've got everything you need.

Get to know how is the basic anatomy of a theme, our language syntax, functions, filters and tags. We also have some code samples to get you started.

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Getting Started

To customize a theme, you need to clone it first. Choose what theme you want to start from, clone it and work from there.

Our template language is based on Twig. We suggest you to take a look on the official twig documentation to learn the basics and syntax.

We keep an updated Github repo with the default theme, so you can check the code and subscribe for updates we may add over time.

A Shopkit theme consists of 17 pages:

Page Filename Description
About about.tpl About page template
Base base.tpl The base template
Blog blog.tpl Blog template
Cart cart.tpl Shopping cart template
Category category.tpl Product category template
Complete complete.tpl Complete order template
Confirm confirm.tpl Confirm order template
Contact contact.tpl Contact page template
Data data.tpl Order data form template
Home home.tpl Pomepage template
Page page.tpl Page template
Payment payment.tpl Payment template
Post post.tpl Blog post template
Product product.tpl Product template
Sales sales.tpl Sales products template
New new.tpl New products template
Search search.tpl Search Results template

The base template is the most important, where all other templates are included. Header, footer and other components that are always displayed, must be set in base template. It's required that this is included in every template with this code {% extends 'base.tpl' %}

This is a stripped down HTML template:

   <title>{{ title }}</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ store.assets.css }}">
    {{ head_content }}
    {% block content %}{% endblock %}
    {{ footer_content }}
{% extends 'base.tpl' %}

{% block content %}
  <h1>{{ page.title }}</h1>
  <div>{{ page.content }}</div>
{% endblock %}
The {{ head_content }} and {{ footer_content }} are required to assure the theme works properly.


There are two kinds of delimiters: {% ... %} and {{ ... }}. The first one is used to execute statements such as for-loops, the latter prints the result of an expression to the template.

Twig reference

This is the Twig reference: tags, filters, functions, tests and operators. You can use these as is, we have not modified any of their behavior.


Tags control the logic of the template.

Tag Description
block Blocks are used for inheritance and act as placeholders and replacements at the same time.
extends The extends tag can be used to extend a template from another one.
filter Filter sections allow you to apply regular Twig filters on a block of template data.
for Loop over each item in a sequence.
if The if statement in Twig is comparable with the if statements of PHP.
set Inside code blocks you can also assign values to variables. Assignments use the set tag and can have multiple targets.
spaceless Use the spaceless tag to remove whitespace between HTML tags, not whitespace within HTML tags or whitespace in plain text.
use The use tag imports a template without using inheritance. Template inheritance is one of the most powerful Twig's feature but it is limited to single inheritance.

For a comprehensive list of tags refer to the twig website.


Variables can be modified by filters. Filters are separated from the variable by a pipe symbol (|) and may have optional arguments in parentheses. Multiple filters can be chained. The output of one filter is applied to the next.

Filter Description
abs The abs filter returns the absolute value.
batch The batch filter "batches" items by returning a list of lists with the given number of items.
capitalize The capitalize filter capitalizes a value. The min character will be uppercase, all others lowercase.
date The date filter formats a date to a given format.
date_modify The date_modify filter modifies a date with a given modifier string.
escape The escape filter escapes a string for safe insertion into the final output.
first The first filter returns the first "element" of a sequence, a mapping, or a string.
format The format filter formats a given string by replacing the placeholders (placeholders follows the sprintf notation).
join The join filter returns a string which is the concatenation of the items of a sequence.
json_encode The json_encode filter returns the JSON representation of a value.
keys The keys filter returns the keys of an array. It is useful when you want to iterate over the keys of an array.
last The last filter returns the last "element" of a sequence, a mapping, or a string.
length The length filter returns the number of items of a sequence or mapping, or the length of a string.
lower The lower filter converts a value to lowercase.
merge The merge filter merges an array with another array
nl2br The nl2br filter inserts HTML line breaks before all newlines in a string.
number_format The number_format filter formats numbers. It is a wrapper around PHP's number_format function.
reverse The reverse filter reverses a sequence, a mapping, or a string.
round The round filter rounds a number to a given precision.
slice The slice filter extracts a slice of a sequence, a mapping, or a string.
sort The sort filter sorts an array.
split The split filter splits a string by the given delimiter and returns a list of strings.
striptags The striptags filter strips SGML/XML tags and replace adjacent whitespace by one space.
title The title filter returns a titlecased version of the value. Words will start with uppercase letters, all remaining characters are lowercase.
trim The trim filter strips whitespace (or other characters) from the beginning and end of a string.
upper The upper filter converts a value to uppercase.
url_encode The url_encode filter percent encodes a given string as URL segment or an array as query string.

For a comprehensive list of tags refer to the twig website.


Functions can be called to generate content. Functions are called by their name followed by parentheses (()) and may have arguments.

Function Description
attribute The attribute function can be used to access a "dynamic" attribute of a variable.
block When a template uses inheritance and if you want to print a block multiple times, use the block function.
cycle The cycle function cycles on an array of values.
date Converts an argument to a date to allow date comparison.
max max returns the biggest value of a sequence or a set of values.
min min returns the lowest value of a sequence or a set of values.
random The random function returns a random value depending on the supplied parameter type.
range Returns a list containing an arithmetic progression of integers.

For a comprehensive list of tags refer to the twig website.


Tests can be used to test a variable against a common expression.

Test Description
defined Checks if a variable is defined in the current context.
divisible by Checks if a variable is divisible by a number.
empty Checks if a variable is empty.
even Returns true if the given number is even.
iterable Checks if a variable is an array or a traversable object.
null Returns true if the variable is null.
odd Returns true if the given number is odd.
same as Checks if a variable is the same as another variable. This is the equivalent to === in PHP.

For a comprehensive list of tags refer to the twig website.

Operator Description
in The in operator performs containment test. It returns true if the left operand is contained in the right
is The is operator performs tests. Tests can be used to test a variable against a common expression. The right operand is name of the test
Math (+, -, /, %, //, *, **)
Logic (and, or, not, (), b-and, b-xor, b-or)
Comparisons (==, !=, <, >, >=, <=, ===, starts with, ends with, matches)
Others (.., |, ~, ., [], ?:)

Shopkit reference

These are our proprietary functions, filters and tags.


Returns a value formatted with the currency set in user account settings.

{{ item.price|money_with_sign }}

Prints 122,95 €


Returns an escaped string for safe insertion into the HTML attributes.

{{ product.title|e_attr }}

Prints Bed-linen "End of the day"


Creates an opening form tag with a base URL built from your shop address. It will optionally let you add form attributes, and will always add the attribute accept-charset.

{{ form_open('cart/complete', {'class':'my-css-class', 'id':'my-id'}) }}

The above example would create a form that points to your base URL plus the "cart/complete" URI segments.

<form action="http:/" method="post" accept-charset="utf-8" class="my-css-class" id="my-id" />

These are special Shopkit form actions:

Action Description
newsletter/register Submit a newsletter form
contact_form Submit the contact form
cart/update Action to update the cart form
cart/complete Action to the last step of checkout
cart/post/payment Action to the payment step of checkout
cart/post/confirm Action to the confirmation step of checkout

Creates an opening form tag with the url to add a product to the cart. It will optionally let you add form attributes, and will always add the attribute accept-charset. This is different from form_open because you pass the product id, instead of the URL.

{{ form_open_cart(, {'class':'my-css-class'}) }}

Produces a closing </form> tag.

{{ form_close() }}

Returns a list of products with defined parameters.

You can list products from different pools:

  • featured List products marked as featured
  • new List products marked as new/recent
  • on_sale List products marked as promotion/on sale
  • search List products based on a search

If you don't set a pool, no filter will be applied and all products will be retrieved.

{% set products = products('featured limit:9') %}
{# Assigns a variable with featured products limited by 9 per page #}
{% for product in products('order:featured') %}
{# Returns all products ordered by featured #}
{% for product in products('order:#{get.order_by} category:#{} limit:25') %}
{# Returns products from the current category, ordered by a get parameter (?order_by) with a limit of 25 items per page #}

{% for product in products('order:#{get.order_by} category:[123,456] limit:25') %}
{# Returns products from categories with the id 123 and 456, ordered by a get parameter (?order_by) with a limit of 25 items per page #}
{% for product in products('exclude:categories[123,456]') %}
{# Returns all products except products from categories with the id 123 and 456 #}

{% for product in products('exclude:products[123,456]') %}
{# Returns all products except products with the id 123 and 456 #}
{% for product in products('search %query%').results %}
{# Returns all products matching query #}

{% for product in products('search %query%').total_results %}
{# Returns the number of products matching query #}

{% for product in products('search %query%').query %}
{# Returns the search query #}

When calling products function with the filter search it's returned an array with search result information.

Name Description
search.results Products returned
search.total_results Number of products returned
search.query Search query
Attributes Type Choices Description
order string title, newest, sales, price_asc, price_desc, featured, position, random Product order options, see table below
category mixed Product category identifier or an array of categories identifiers
paginate string true, false Enable or disable pagination. Default: true
limit integer The number of products to return. Default: 9
offset integer The product starting from. Default: 0
exclude array categories, products Product categories array of identifiers to exclude
search string Product search term. Default: %#{search.query}%

Returns a single product by id.

{% set my_product = product(1337) %}

Returns the category and all children categories, a category identifier is mandatory.

{% set my_category = category(1337) %}

Returns a list of all pages.

{% set my_pages = pages() %}

Returns a single page by id.

{% set my_page = page(1337) %}

Returns a list of blog posts. Optionally you can limit the number of posts. Default: 9

{% for post in blog_posts('limit:9') %}

Pagination auto detects the template and outputs the according pagination with defined parameters, an extra class parameter can also be set.

{{ pagination('limit:9') }}
{# outputs a pagination with a limit of 9 items per page #}
{% set products_per_page = 9 %}
{% set products_category = %}

{% for product in products('category:#{products_category} limit:#{products_per_page}') %}
  <h1>{{ product.title }}</h1>
{% endfor %}

{{ pagination('category:#{products_category} limit:#{products_per_page}', 'my-css-class') }}

{# outputs a pagination with a limit of 9 items and passes an extra class #}
The pagination() parameters must match the loop function products().

Returns your site URL, segments can be passed to the function as a string.

{{ site_url('blog') }}

Prints http:/


Returns the full URL (including segments) of the page being currently viewed.

{{ current_url() }}

Creates a standard HTML email link. It writes an obfuscated version of the mailto tag using ordinal numbers written with JavaScript to help prevent the email address from being harvested by spam bots.

{{ safe_mailto('') }}

Truncates a string to the number of words specified

{{ word_limiter(text, 250) }}

Truncates a string to the number of characters specified. It maintains the integrity of words so the character count may be slightly more or less then what you specify.

{{ character_limiter(text, 100) }}



These are variables available in all templates.

Name Description
css_class CSS helper class(es) injected in the body tag related to the current page. Example: <body class="page-product product-id-16644">
current_page Global variable to help you identifying the current template. Example: cart
countries Global array with the list of store available countries. Used in data.tpl

Used for retrieving store information, set on the Account Settings page of your backoffice.

Name Description
store.username Store username Store name
store.logo Store logo URL
store.description Store description
store.notice Store notice
store.facebook Store Facebook URL
store.twitter Store Twitter URL
store.instagram Store Instagram URL
store.pinterest Store Pinterest URL
store.show_email Show email in contacts page
store.show_branding Show Shopkit love Store email Store phone
store.cellphone Store cellphone
store.address Store address
store.basecolor Store basecolor
store.favicon Store favicon URl
store.latitude Store latitude
store.longitude Store longitude
store.currency Store currency
store.custom_css Store custom CSS
store.custom_js Store custom JavaScript
store.footer_info Store footer info
store.page_title Store page title
store.meta_description Store meta description
store.meta_tags Store meta tags
store.settings Store settings array
store.theme Store theme
store.theme_origin Store origin theme
store.navigation Store navigation array
store.payments Store payments array
store.category_default_order Store category default order
store.categories_sorting Store category default sorting
store.domain Store current domain
store.assets Store assets array
store.taxes_included Store taxes included option
store.images_header Store header images array
store.featured_blocks Store featured blocks
store.products_per_page_home Store number of products in homepage
store.products_per_page_catalog Store number of products per page
Special pages

These pages are automatically created and cannot be deleted, also have a particular template file. Although the content of these pages are available globally and can be used anywhere.

Name Description Page about title Page about content Page about url Page about meta description Page about meta tags Page about handle Page about title Page contact title Page contact content Page contact url Page contact meta description Page contact meta tags Page contact handle Page contact title

Contains data about store navigation

Name Description
store.navigation.primary.menu_text Primary navigation text to display
store.navigation.primary.menu_type Primary navigation type. menu_url, menu_product, menu_category, menu_page
store.navigation.primary.menu_url Primary navigation url
store.navigation.primary.menu_item Primary navigation item
store.navigation.primary.menu_item_handle Primary navigation item handle
store.navigation.primary.target_blank Primary navigation option open link in new window. true, false
store.navigation.secondary.menu_text Secondary navigation text to display
store.navigation.secondary.menu_type Secondary navigation type. menu_url, menu_product, menu_category, menu_page
store.navigation.secondary.menu_url Secondary navigation url
store.navigation.secondary.menu_item Secondary navigation item
store.navigation.secondary.menu_item_handle Secondary navigation item handle
store.navigation.secondary.target_blank Secondary navigation option open link in new window. true, false
store.navigation.catalogs_menus.menu_text Catalogs navigation text to display
store.navigation.catalogs_menus.menu_type Catalogs navigation type. menu_catalog, menu_categories, menu_brands
store.navigation.catalogs_menus.menu_url Catalogs navigation url. catalog, categories, brands
store.navigation.catalogs_menus.menu_item Catalogs navigation item
store.navigation.catalogs_menus.menu_item_handle Catalogs navigation item handle
store.navigation.catalogs_menus.target_blank Catalogs navigation option open link in new window. false

Used for retrieving store payments options information.

Name Description Payment credit card option is enabled. true, false
store.payments.credit_card.message Payment credit card message
store.payments.credit_card.description Payment credit card description
store.payments.credit_card.default Payment credit card is default. true, false
store.payments.credit_card.gateway Payment credit card gateway
store.payments.credit_card.method Payment credit card method
store.payments.credit_card.title Payment credit card title
store.payments.credit_card.image Payment credit card image link
store.payments.credit_card.logo Payment credit card logo link Payment multibanco option is enabled. true, false
store.payments.multibanco.message Payment multibanco message
store.payments.multibanco.description Payment multibanco description
store.payments.multibanco.default Payment multibanco is default. true, false
store.payments.multibanco.gateway Payment multibanco gateway
store.payments.multibanco.method Payment multibanco method
store.payments.multibanco.title Payment multibanco title
store.payments.multibanco.image Payment multibanco image link
store.payments.multibanco.logo Payment multibanco logo link Payment mbway option is enabled. true, false
store.payments.mbway.message Payment mbway message
store.payments.mbway.description Payment mbway description
store.payments.mbway.default Payment mbway is default. true, false
store.payments.mbway.gateway Payment mbway gateway
store.payments.mbway.method Payment mbway method
store.payments.mbway.title Payment mbway title
store.payments.mbway.image Payment mbway image link
store.payments.mbway.logo Payment mbway logo link Payment Paypal option is enabled. true, false Payment Paypal email
store.payments.paypal.message Payment Paypal message
store.payments.paypal.description Payment Paypal description
store.payments.paypal.default Payment Paypal is default. true, false
store.payments.paypal.gateway Payment Paypal gateway
store.payments.paypal.method Payment Paypal method
store.payments.paypal.title Payment Paypal title
store.payments.paypal.image Payment Paypal image link
store.payments.paypal.logo Payment Paypal logo link Payment bank transfer option is enabled true, false
store.payments.bank_transfer.message Payment bank transfer message
store.payments.bank_transfer.description Payment bank transfer description
store.payments.bank_transfer.default Payment bank transfer is default. true, false
store.payments.bank_transfer.gateway Payment bank transfer gateway
store.payments.bank_transfer.method Payment bank transfer method
store.payments.bank_transfer.title Payment bank transfer title
store.payments.bank_transfer.image Payment bank transfer image link Payment on delivery option is enabled. true, false
store.payments.on_delivery.value Payment on delivery value
store.payments.on_delivery.message Payment on delivery message
store.payments.on_delivery.description Payment on delivery description
store.payments.on_delivery.default Payment on delivery is default. true, false
store.payments.on_delivery.gateway Payment on delivery gateway
store.payments.on_delivery.method Payment on delivery method
store.payments.on_delivery.title Payment on delivery title
store.payments.on_delivery.image Payment on delivery image link Payment facilities pick up option is enabled. true, false
store.payments.pick_up.message Payment facilities pick up message
store.payments.pick_up.description Payment facilities pick up description
store.payments.pick_up.default Payment facilities pick up is default. true, false
store.payments.pick_up.gateway Payment facilities pick up gateway
store.payments.pick_up.method Payment facilities pick up method
store.payments.pick_up.title Payment facilities pick up title
store.payments.pick_up.image Payment facilities pick up image link Payment custom option is enabled. true, false
store.payments.custom.message Payment custom message
store.payments.custom.description Payment custom description
store.payments.custom.default Payment custom is default. true, false
store.payments.custom.gateway Payment custom gateway
store.payments.custom.method Payment custom method
store.payments.custom.title Payment custom title

Used for retrieving store settings.

Name Description
store.settings.cart.users_registration Store checkout registration option. hidden, optional, required
store.settings.cart.field_company Store checkout field company option. hidden, optional, required
store.settings.cart.field_fiscal_id Store checkout field fiscal id option. hidden, optional, required
store.settings.cart.field_delivery_phone Store checkout field delivery phone option. hidden, optional, required
store.settings.cart.field_billing_phone Store checkout field billing phone option. hidden, optional, required Store page terms and conditions id
store.settings.cart.page_terms.title Store page terms and conditions title
store.settings.cart.page_terms.url Store page terms and conditions url
store.settings.cart.page_terms.handle Store page terms and conditions handle Store page privacy policie id
store.settings.cart.page_privacy.title Store page privacy policie title
store.settings.cart.page_privacy.url Store page privacy policie url
store.settings.cart.page_privacy.handle Store page privacy policie handle


Contains data about featured blocks.

Name Description
store.featured_blocks.title Featured block title
store.featured_blocks.icon Featured block icon
store.featured_blocks.description Featured block description

Used for retrieving data about enabled apps. The global apps object is available globally.

Name Description
apps.adult_content.title App Adult Content title
apps.adult_content.url App Adult Content url
apps.adult_content.description App Adult Content description
apps.adult_content.text_color App Adult Content title
apps.adult_content.bg_color App Adult Content text color code
apps.adult_content.bg_color App Adult Content background color code
apps.bablic.embed App Bablic embed code
apps.cookies.text App Cookies bar text App Cookies bar url
apps.cookies.bg_color App Cookies bar background color code
apps.cookies.text_color App Cookies bar text color code
apps.delivery_date.title App Delivery Date title
apps.delivery_date.description App Delivery Date description
apps.delivery_date.field_label App Delivery field label
apps.facebook_comments.username App Facebook Comments username
apps.facebook_comments.comments_products App Facebook Comments on products is enabled. true or false
apps.facebook_comments.comments_blog App Facebook Comments on blog is enabled. true or false
apps.facebook_page.facebook_url App Facebook Page, Facebook URL
apps.facebook_pixel.track App Facebook Pixel track code
apps.facebook_store App Facebook Store is enabled. true App GetSocial id
apps.google_analytics.tracking_id App Google Analytics tracking id
apps.google_analytics_ec App Google Analytics Ecommerce is enabled. true
apps.google_recaptcha.sitekey App Google reCAPTCHA Site Key
apps.google_translate.languages App Google Translate languages, list of languages comma separated. e.g. en, es
apps.google_webmaster_tools.site_verification App Google Webmasters HTML tag
apps.hello_bar.embed App Hello Bar embed code
apps.invoicexpress App InvoiceXpress is enabled. true
apps.localizejs.project_key App Localize project key
apps.mailchimp App Newsletter is enabled. true
apps.moloni App Moloni is enabled. true
apps.newsletter App Newsletter is enabled. true
apps.tawk.embed App Tawk embed code
apps.uservoice.embed App UserVoice embed code
apps.zopim.embed App Zopim embed code

Used for retrieving product categories data. The global categories object is available globally.

Name Description Category identifier
categories.title Category title
categories.is_parent Category is a parent category
categories.is_child Category is a child category
categories.description Category description
categories.parent Category parent identifier
categories.handle Category handle
categories.page_title Category page title
categories.meta_description Category meta description
categories.meta_tags Category meta tags
categories.image Category array with images in 3 sizes: thumb, square, full
categories.url Category url
categories.total_products Category total products
categories.parents Category array of parent category
categories.children Category array of children categories

Used for retrieving shopping cart data.

Name Description
cart.items Cart items (see below the object attributes) Cart total
cart.shipping_methods Cart shipping methods (see below the object attributes)
cart.payments Cart payments methods (see below the object attributes) Cart discount
cart.total_shipping Cart total number of products
cart.item_count Cart total number of unique products
cart.taxes Cart total taxes
cart.weight Cart total weight
cart.subtotal Cart subtotal


Contains data about each product in the shopping cart.

Name Description
cart.items.item_id Cart item identifier
cart.items.product_id Cart product identifier
cart.items.product_title Cart product title
cart.items.product_url Cart product URL
cart.items.remove_link Cart remove product URL
cart.items.qty Cart product quantity
cart.items.price Cart product price
cart.items.price_without_tax Cart product price before taxes Cart product discount value
cart.items.discount_percent Cart product discount percent
cart.items.tax_percent Cart product tax percentage Cart product tax value
cart.items.taxes_total Cart product total taxes
cart.items.weight Cart product weight
cart.items.title Cart product title
cart.items.reference Cart product reference
cart.items.stock_sold_single Cart stock sold single option
cart.items.metadata Cart product metadata
cart.items.image Cart product image URL
cart.items.shipping_alone Cart shipping alone option
cart.items.shipping Cart shipping
cart.items.subtotal Cart product subtotal
cart.items.subtotal_without_tax Cart product subtotal before taxes Cart product total


Contains data about available shipping methods.

Name Description Cart shipping method identifier
cart.shipping_methods.title Cart shipping method title
cart.shipping_methods.description Cart shipping method description
cart.shipping_methods.price Cart shipping method price


Contains data about available payments methods.

Name Description Payment Paypal option is enabled Payment Paypal email
cart.payments.paypal.message Payment Paypal message
cart.payments.paypal.min_value Payment Paypal order minimum value
cart.payments.paypal.max_value Payment Paypal order maximum value Payment multibanco option is enabled
cart.payments.multibanco.entity Payment multibanco entity
cart.payments.multibanco.user Payment multibanco user
cart.payments.multibanco.cin Payment multibanco cin
cart.payments.multibanco.message Payment multibanco message
cart.payments.multibanco.min_value Payment multibanco order minimum value
cart.payments.multibanco.max_value Payment multibanco order maximum value Payment bank transfer option is enabled
cart.payments.bank_transfer.message Payment bank transfer message
cart.payments.bank_transfer.min_value Payment bank transfer minimum value
cart.payments.bank_transfer.max_value Payment bank transfer maximum value Payment on delivery option is enabled
cart.payments.on_delivery.value Payment on delivery value
cart.payments.on_delivery.message Payment on delivery message
cart.payments.on_delivery.min_value Payment on delivery minimum value
cart.payments.on_delivery.max_value Payment on delivery maximum value Payment facilities pick up option is enabled
cart.payments.pick_up.message Payment facilities pick up message
cart.payments.pick_up.min_value Payment facilities pick up minimum value
cart.payments.pick_up.max_value Payment facilities pick up maximum value

Used for retrieving store pages information, other then special pages.

Name Description Page identifier
pages.title Page title
pages.content Page content
pages.url Page url
pages.meta_description Page meta description
pages.meta_tags Page meta tags
pages.handle Page handle
pages.page_title Page browser title


This data is only available on the category.tpl template

Name Description Category identifier
category.title Category title
category.is_parent Category is a parent category
category.is_child Category is a child category
category.description Category description
category.parent Category parent identifier
category.handle Category handle
category.page_title Category page title
category.meta_description Category meta description
category.meta_tags Category meta tags
category.image Category array with images in 3 sizes: thumb, square, full
category.url Category url
category.total_products Category total products
category.parents Category array of parent category
category.children Category array of children categories


This data is only available on the page.tpl template

Name Description Page identifier
page.title Page title
page.content Page content
page.url Page url
page.meta_description Page meta description
page.meta_tags Page meta tags
page.handle Page handle
page.page_title Page title

Blog post

This data is only available on the post.tpl template

Name Description Post identifier
blog_post.url Post URL
blog_post.meta_description Post meta description
blog_post.meta_tags Post meta tags
blog_post.handle Post handle
blog_post.page_title Post page title
blog_post.image Post array with images in 3 sizes: thumb, square, full
blog_post.title Post title
blog_post.text Post text content Post date


This data is only available on the product.tpl template

Name Description Product identifier
product.title Product title
product.reference Product reference
product.price Product price
product.price_promo Product promotion price
product.promo_show_percentage Product show price promotion percentage
product.price_on_request Product has price on request Product is on promotion
product.created_at Product creation date
product.status Product status as an integer
product.status_alias Product status as a string
product.position Product order position
product.shipping Product shipping cost
product.shipping_alone Product ships alone
product.featured Product is featured attribute Product is new attribute
product.is_promotion Product is promotion attribute
product.description Product description
product.description_short Product short description
product.video_url Product video URL
product.video_embed_url Product video embed URL
product.file Product file attachment URL Product tax cost
product.weight Product weight
product.sales Product number of sales
product.meta_description Product meta description
product.meta_tags Product meta tags
product.handle Product handle
product.page_title Product page title
product.url Product URL
product.permalink Product permalink
product.add_cart_url Product add to cart URL
product.images Product array with images in 3 sizes: thumb, square, full
product.image Product featured image array in 3 sizes: thumb, square, full
product.categories Array with categories associated with the product
product.option_groups Array with product option groups (variants)
product.options Lists all option groups (variants) combined. Example: XL / Blue / Cotton
product.stock Array with stock settings
product.wishlist Array with wishlist URL


Name Description Product category identifier
product.categories.parent Product category parent identifier
product.categories.title Product category title
product.categories.description Product category description
product.categories.handle Product category handle
product.categories.url Product category URL
product.categories.image Product category array with images in 3 sizes: thumb, square, full


Name Description
product.stock.stock_enabled Product stock is enabled
product.stock.stock_qty Product stock quantity
product.stock.stock_backorder Product allows back orders
product.stock.stock_show Show product stock information
product.stock.stock_sold_single Product can only sold single


Name Description Product option identifier
product.options.id_variant_1 Product option variant 1 identifier
product.options.id_variant_2 Product option variant 2 identifier
product.options.id_variant_3 Product option variant 3 identifier
product.options.title Product option title
product.options.price Product option price Product option is on promotion
product.options.price_promo Product option promotion price
product.options.price_on_request Product option has price on request
product.options.stock Product option stock quantity
product.options.shipping Product option shipping cost
product.options.weight Product option weight
product.options.reference Product option reference Product option is enabled
product.options.url Product option URL
product.options.image Product option image array in 3 sizes: thumb, square, full
product.options.wishlist Product option wishlist links: add_url, remove_url


Name Description
product.option_groups.title Product option group title
product.option_groups.options Array with product option groups (variants)


Name Description Product option group variant id
product.option_groups.options.title Product option group variant title


Name Description
product.wishlist.add_url Product add to wishlist URL
product.wishlist.remove_url Product remove from wishlist URL
product.wishlist.status Product is on wishlist status

This data is only available on the search.tpl template

Name Description
search.query Returns the search query


This data is only available on the payment.tpl, data.tpl, confirm.tpl and complete.tpl templates

Name Description Name of the client E-mail address of the client
user.address Address of the client
user.zip_code Zip code of the client City of the client Country of the client
user.country_code Country alpha-3 code of the client Phone number of the client
user.tax_id Fiscal id of the client
user.notes Observations/notes that client added in the checkout Coupon code used by the client
user.payment Payment type selected by the client
user.shipping_method Array with shipping method data selected by the client Identifier of the shipping method
user.shipping_method.title Title of the shipping method
user.custom_field Data from custom fields


You can create custom fields with custom data in the checkout process. This data will be passed to the order. custom_field is an array field containing a json, with the following structure:

Simple custom data:
{"title":"The title of your custom field","key":"the key","value":"the value"}
Multiple custom data:
  "title":"The title of your custom field",
    {"key":"the key 1","value":"the value 1"},
    {"key":"the key 2","value":"the value 2"}

You can have as many custom fields as you want/need. Usually you register the custom field with an html input:

<input type="text" name="custom_field[field_name_1]" value='{{ user.custom_field.field_name_1 }}'>
Name Description
user.custom_field.field_name_1.title Title of the custom field named field_name_1
user.custom_field.field_name_1.key Key of the custom field named field_name_1
user.custom_field.field_name_1.value Value of the custom field named field_name_1 Array with multiple custom data of the custom field named field_name_1
You can use our helper function to generate the json strucuture: custom_field_encode('Your title', 'your_key', 'Your value'), or in the case of multiple custom data: custom_field_encode('Your title', [['your_key_1', 'Your value 1'], ['your_key_2', 'Your value 2']])


This data is only available on the complete.tpl and mailorder.tpl templates

Name Description Order identifier
order.hash Order identifier hash Order total value
order.total_tax Order total taxes value
order.shipping Order shipping cost value Order discount value
order.coupon_code Order coupon code
order.created_at Order creation date
order.update_at Order last update date
order.sent_at Order sent date
order.paid_at Order paid date
order.payment Order payment type
order.msg_payment Order payment message
order.status Order status as an integer
order.status_alias Order status as an string
order.paid Order paid status boolean
order.is_new New order boolean
order.invoice_url Order invoice permalink
order.weight Order weight value
order.observations Order customer observations
order.shipment_method Order shipment method chosen by the customer
order.multibanco Array with order Multibanco data
order.client Array with order client data
order.products Array with order products data
order.custom_field Array with data from custom field


Name Description
order.multibanco.entity Order Multibanco entity
order.multibanco.reference Order Multibanco reference
order.multibanco.value Order Multibanco value


Name Description Order client name Order client email
order.client.address Order client address
order.client.postcode Order client postal code Order client town Order client country Order client phone number
order.client.fiscal_id Order client fiscal identifier


Name Description Order products identifier
order.products.title Order products title
order.products.option Order products option
order.products.reference Order products reference
order.products.price Order products price value Order products tax value
order.products.quantity Order products quantity
order.products.subtotal Order products subtotal
order.products.weight Order products weight
order.products.url Order products url
order.products.description_short Order products short description
order.products.image.thumb Order products image format thumb
order.products.image.square Order products image format square
order.products.image.full Order products image format full


You can use custom GET and POST variables:

To retrieve the parameter from the URL http:/

{{ }}

Prints bar


These assets are available to include and expand functionalities. Can be changed in Account settings > Templates

Name Description
store.assets.url Store assets base URL
store.assets.images Store assets images URL
store.assets.css Store asset CSS URL
store.assets.plugins Store asset plugins URL
store.assets.scripts Store asset scripts URL

To include the CSS file:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ store.assets.css }}">

To include the plugins and scripts files:

<script src="{{ store.assets.plugins }}"></script>
<script src="{{ store.assets.scripts }}"></script>


Every time an action occurs, an event is available for the current request. If the user leaves the current page it will no longer be available.

Cart events

Name Description
events.cart.added A product was added to the shopping cart
events.cart.error An error occurred while performing an action to the shopping cart
events.cart.updated A product in the shopping cart was updated
events.cart.deleted A product was removed from the shopping cart
events.cart.stock_sold_single Fires when client is trying to purchase more than 1 unit and the product does not allow it
events.cart.stock_qty Fires if the product added to the cart does not have enough stock
events.cart.no_stock Contains all products that were not updated/added to cart because of not having enough stock
events.cart.product_data Contains information about the product added, updated or deleted to the shopping cart
events.cart.qty Contains the quantity added to the shopping cart, fires when add or update

Misc events

Name Description
events.paypal_success A payment through Paypal was successful
events.contact_form_success The contact form was sent with success
events.contact_form_errors Contains erros if the contact form was not sent


Allow categories to sort products by criteria
{#  Setup order #}
{% set order_options = { 'position' : 'Relevance', 'title' : 'Title', 'newest' : 'New', 'sales' : 'Popular', 'price_asc' : 'Price: low to high', 'price_desc' : 'Price: high to low' } %}

{% if not get.order_by in order_options|keys %}
  {% set get = {'order_by': 'position'} %}
{% endif %}

<div class="order-options">
  Sort by

  <div class="btn-group">

    <button type="button" class="btn btn-default btn-sm dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">
      {% if get.order_by and order_options[get.order_by] %}
        {{ order_options[get.order_by] }}
      {% else %}
        {{ order_options['position'] }}
      {% endif %}
      <span class="caret"></span>

    <ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu">
      {% for order_option, order_title in order_options %}
        {% if order_option != get.order_by %}
          <li><a href="{{ category.url }}?order_by={{ order_option }}">{{ order_title }}</a></li>
        {% endif %}
      {% endfor %}
Show random products from a list of products

Because of aggressive Shopkit caching, you might not be able to achieve randomness in every page request, so you want to random in the runtime instead of querying random products. ie: products('featured order:random limit:3')

{% set products = products('featured limit:25') %}
{% set products_to_show = 3 %}

{% for product in products|slice(random(products|length - products_to_show), products_to_show) %}
  <h1>{{ product.title }}</h1>
{% endfor %}

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